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Here you get to know us a bit better: about us and about our creative co-livers, about the way we co-live and co-work in our creative block and finally about our ideas on art, how we see the socio-cultural shifts and whatever-we-feel that is shaping the world.

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Best museums in Lisbon by samesame co-living

Must go Museums in Lisbon part II

As a local-based project, we feel super lucky to be born in Portugal. Despite everything else, our country has a very long, rich, and extensive cultural heritage. As there are too many options – let us know in the comments which ones are your favorite 🙂

6 local brands for Xmas gifts

This Christmas, instead of buying your gifts from an international super brand, why not invest in some quality products from local brands for your loved ones? When you buy local, your money does much more for your community than it does when you shop at national chains.


Must go museums in Lisbon part I

Lisbon’s museums let you dive into the rich cultural heritage of Portugal – from historic palaces to buildings designed by contemporary architects. There is a lot of unmissable places for you to know, but here it comes our little help – meet our favorite ones.


6 sustainable places to eat

Do you know that feeling when you are craving for fresh, creative, and healthy food?  – we got your back. Lisbon has reinvented itself and has several places to fulfill your needs!  Here are 6 great options to tryout in Lisbon 😊 

the 5 best markets in Lisbon

The 5 best markets in Lisbon

Whether you are a foodie always looking for the freshest products, or you just have a passion for antique furniture or vintage clothes, the markets in Lisbon have options for everyone.

Portuguese southwest coast

6 beaches in Costa Vicentina (Portuguese Southwest Coast)

Portugal’s Southwest coast between Alentejo and the Algarve, Costa Vicentina is known for its dunes and rugged cliffs, small fishing villages and countless wide and wild empty beaches. Here you have (only) a few amazing beaches that are an ideal destination for summer and adventure seekers.


5 viewpoints (miradouros) to relish the amazing views around Lisbon

Lisbon is a beautiful city with several viewpoints, best known as “miradouros”, to relish these amazing views around the city. Meet five perfect spots to contemplate the best views in Lisbon.


7 Beaches at less than 35 minutes from Lisbon

Everyone knows the perks of living in Lisbon, but not everyone knows that Lisbon is surrounded by beautiful beaches. With this guide you can choose from 7 options to plan your trip day while staying in the city.

Daily Sustainable steps that make a difference.

We believe we can make a difference on the present and future of our planet. Don’t you? Imagine if all of us were committed to do so – it would be powerful.

As individuals, the best we can do is to spread the word and do better day by day. That’s why we compiled 57 steps to help you, and remind us, on how to be more sustainable on a daily basis.


15 street art pieces around the neighborhood

Lisbon is an open-air gallery. Not just for its tile-covered façades, the traditional cobblestone designs and all the majestic historic monuments but also for its street art. Nowadays, cities are covered with all kind of graffities – and we are lucky enough to admit that Lisbon has more than its fair of really good ones.

Check 15 street art pieces around the Samesame’s neighbourhood.


How to make your room feel yours in a co-living?


In a co-living, your room is where you can express your identity by adding details reflecting your personality. As a matter of fact, details make us who we are: from the way we cut our hair, the music we listen to, to the life path we chose to follow – and the place we sleep is certainly an extension of who we are.

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On a sustainable path to the future


We have been working hard to substantially decrease our carbon footprint, by introducing many different structural and lifestyle changes, such as the products we use, to the waste we produce. These changes apply to all apartments at SAMESAME, our food and event space INSITU and both our co-working spaces, BECO and ESQUINA.

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Samesame and long-term sustainable goals


Samesame believes in an eco-culture, based on values such as sharing, community, creativity, respect, and sustainability. For these reasons, we could not turn a blind eye to what is currently happening in the natural world around us. We are committed to reversing this existential and planetary crisis, by finding sustainable and long-term solutions.

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The Coliving Insights’ last edition main themes are: invest, develop, operate and scale. Filipa Meirelles, responsible for the business strategy and marketing, was invited to write on how samesame operates and how co-living can be the solution to some of the most important social, urban and environmental challenges.

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COLIVING INSIGHTS nº4 – Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale 


Want to learn more about the co-living industry? Coliving Insights is a research lab of dedicated coliving professionals who decided to give others a voice in an ever-growing industry. Within one year, there were published four editions. Check all of them.

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Predictions for life after the beginning of 2020


This year, a sanitary crisis came into our lives, challenging our reality in all its dimensions. Until a vaccine is distributed to make us feel safe again, we wonder how life will be.  

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How people from the 1900’s imagined the future and how different and similar is our current present?


An analysis on how accurate were the 1900’s predictions for the 21st century on transportation, energy, technology in our personal lives, cities and finally housing (spoiler alert: the co-living lifestyle was kinda of predicted). 

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What is a co-living?


Co-living was born from the Danish cohousing concept of the 60’s and  adapted to the current times.

samesame coliving Lisbon event community

Wiping out the lonely feeling


As a co-living space, we believe that social connection and being part of a community can help a lot to smooth the loneliness. Find some ideas to help you wipe out the lonely feeling!