Esquina, the nonconformist gallery & atelier that was born in Mouraria, has its doors open to all artists looking for a place to create. It is a collaborative atelier that stimulates the fertile process and hosts several resident artists.

The space is divided into three studios – one open space for working and creating, one for all the tools such as a screen-printing and a light table, and the other was transformed into a photo lab.

Esquina essentially aims to be a meeting point to collaborate, stimulate, create and support art and culture in Lisbon. It is located in Lisbon,  in the Travessa da Madalena, around the corner of Rua da Madalena & samesame.

Not only is it a working space but it’s also an open-door gallery that hosts monthly exhibitions and workshops.


An atelier that hosts several artists. With open doors, a nonconformist gallery in the limits of Mouraria.



Among many things, Esquina is a working space. Currently with available space for new residents.


Facilities: A shared studio with desks and racks; 1 private studio; 1 darkroom; 1 silkscreen table; 1 lightbox; 1 storage room; 1 kitchenette; 2 bathrooms

Amenities: Multifunction printer; cleaning service

Access to: creative community; monthly exhibitions; possibility to exhibit at Esquina and do your own workshops, communication team that will help to promote your work, private events; affordable rate


To become a resident, click to chat with us on the WhatsApp button on this page. 



More than a Cowork, Esquina is a door open gallery that hosts exhibitions. It’s community has been growing and the space has become a meeting point of reference.


Past Exhibitions:

05/2021 | De Portas Abertas

04/2020 | Ghost Exhibition 

02/2020 | Esquina Convida

11/2019 | Artists Presentation

09/2019 | Opening 


If you have ideas for future exhibition, feel free to share them with us.




Our artistic formation extends to workshops, seminars, meetings, courses and team sessions in the most varied techniques and artistic fields – all of them though to stimulate, experiment, create and share.


Past Workshops:







If you are an artist or art enthusiast, willing to provide workshops or looking to learn about a specific topic or technique, feel free to reach us and we’ll make it happen.


Check the Esquina’s future events on our instagram and join us. To register in a workshop contact us instagram or via the WhatsApp button on this page.