6 local brands for Xmas gifts

This Christmas, instead of buying your gifts from an international super brand, why not invest in some quality products from local brands for your loved ones? When you buy local, your money does much more for your community than it does when you shop at national chains.

Here you have 6 amazing Portuguese brands for your Christmas gifts. 

1. Wheat and Rose

Wheat & Rose is a brand made by inspiring women for inspiring women. 

The brand was created as an answer to all women that need to be always practical and professional but also comfortable and feminine. The brand claims that every product is created with three things in mind: versatility, quality and detail.

2. FLO

FLO was created in 2020 by Madalena, who joined her love for flowers and nature with the passion for arts & crafts and self-learning. FLO (Flower Life Oriented) values brand sustainability, meaning eco-friendly products, organic seeds from a certified producer, and compostable and recycled packaging.

 3. Mustique 

Mustique is a Lisbon-based fashion brand founded by childhood friends Vera Caldeira and Pedro Ferraz. During a trip to India in 2017, they fell in love with the ancient art of block printing made by artisans who used this technique to create wonderfully complex patterns applied to different textiles. Mustique’s first collection was launched in Lisbon in the summer of 2018 and the brand has continued to grow and reinvent itself since then.

4. Beatriz Jardinha 

Beatriz Jardinha is a Portuguese designer creating jewellery that approximates ancient and rudimentary techniques to ethereal concepts. Enamoured with both the inherent creativity of design as well as the rich, many times forgotten, heritage of craftsmanship, Beatriz Jardinha started her career in the world of design and fashion. 

5. SO-SO

A hand-made brand for home and kids – accessories inspired by portuguese expressions. In each piece, Maria and João work from the creative process to its design and production, seeking to create unique and quality products that show the attention and love with which they were done.


FORA was born in Lisbon in 2014 with a strong passion for vintage eyewear and sunglasses design. From the very beginning the brand focused on building their foundations. FORA is an independent eyewear committed to creating high quality, handmade eyewear inspired by the people, places and stories of Lisbon.

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