7 beaches at less than 35 minutes away from lisbon (and samesame)

Everyone knows the perks of living in Lisbon – the great light, the sunny weather, the colours and the spirit itself. But not everyone knows that Lisbon is surrounded by beautiful beaches that suit all tastes: epic waves for surfers,  strong winds for windsurfers, and extensive sandy beaches for a simple sunbathing day. The best part is that many of the beaches are easily accessible by public transportation, making them the ideal plan for a day trip while staying in the city. Meet 7 beaches at less than 35 minutes away from Lisbon (and samesame)

1. Guincho

Praia do Guincho is a beautiful wild beach located north of Cascais, and one of the best known in the area. Unlike the other beaches of Cascais, Guincho is known for the strong winds and robust waves, the perfect sand and amazing sunsets. It’s not the best place to enjoy relaxing dips in the sea, but if you’re a watersports enthusiast or want to photograph a beach of raw natural beauty, this is the place for you. You also have 2 tiny beaches on each side of Guincho’s beach: on the  northside , you’ll find a tiny sheltered beach named Praia do Abano, and on  the south is Praia da Cresmina, a smaller stretch of sand that’s usually less windy.

2. Adraga

Known for it’s wild beauty, Adraga beach is surrounded by high cliffs with a deep valley winding down to the beach. The impressive rock formations increase the rugged beauty of the place. At Adraga beach, located at Sintra-Cascais Natural Park,  waves can get quite rough especially at the high tide. Although it’s not the best place for swimming, it’s the ideal place to explore the caves, especially in the low tide. It’s only accessible by car, with a car parking right in front of the beach. Its restaurant,  named Restaurante da Adraga,  is a great one with ocean views and day-fresh seafood.

3.Praia do Magoito 

This beach is located close to Magoito village, on the north-east of Sintra. The dark cliff of Magoito beach contrasts with the golden sand and robust rocks. Surrounded by a deep valley and enclosed by epic cliffs, Magoito’s beach will provide unforgettable views. If you look directly south, you will see Cabo da Roca, the most westerly point in Europe (an additional great place to visit). You can easily go there by car or public transportation.

4. Carcavelos

Located halfway between Lisbon and Cascais, the wide beach of Carcavelos is one of the largest on the Lisbon coast. With the right conditions, it’s a great place not only for surfers but also for beginners, since there are plenty of surf schools in the area. Not the quietest beach, but very accessible both by car and train, which makes it a very popular destination.

5. Costa da Caparica

Just 25 minutes from Lisbon, you have Costa da Caparica, a 15km of wide sand, therefore counting withmany beaches. If all you want it’s a long coastline with easy access to public transportation and good restaurants with day-fresh seafood, that’s the place for you. The beaches in the center are the busiest, while the furthest are popular for those looking to escape from the crowd. It’s a very popular place in the summer and at night most bars stay open until late with music.

6. Praia da Ursa

Ursa beach is one of the most beautiful natural treasures in the district of Sintra – it’s what we like to call a hidden gem. It’s fine sand, untouchable nature and the rocky surroundings that welcome the visitors to celebrate its wild natural beauty. The access is quite complicated and dangerous, which can be an obstacle to any visitor. However, that’s the main reason why it’s so well preserved and still bears wild features that are not easy to find on a beach nowadays. It takes an hour to get to the beach, only accessible by walk but worth it.

7. Azenhas do Mar

A true postcard, Azenhas do Mar makes everyone fall in love due to its village with houses built on steps from the cliff to the sea. It’s a quite small beach, which can totally disappear with the high tide. Located in Sintra, the beach has a well-known ocean swimming pool. You can get there by car or public transportation, and you have a lot of great restaurants in the area for a perfect evening with an amazing sunset and delicious food.

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