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Coliving Insights N°4 – Invest, Develop, Operate & Scale

Coliving Insights is a research lab of dedicated coliving professionals who decided to give others a voice in an ever-growing industry. Within one year, there were published four editions.

The first edition was “Exploring Coliving As An Innovative Housing Solution” analyses 25+ coliving operators on their business structures, offerings, and offers SWOT analysis for each of them. Get yours here.

The second edition “Is Coliving Here To Stay?” explores the health of the coliving sector amidst the coronavirus pandemic and offers insights into an evolving coliving industry. Get yours here.

The third edition “Impact and Sustainability in Coliving”, is a 180+ report with 30+ contributors around the topics of social value, public policy and impact measurements. Get yours here.

The fourth edition focuses on a wider market overview by doing a deep dive into the different phases: invest, develop, operate and scale. 160+ pages of insights from 25+ contributors that explore the coliving investment, development, operations and expansion phases to help better understand how you and the coliving sector can thrive.

For this edition, samesame was invited to participate in. “From climate change to loneliness, everywhere we look there is an abundance of issues in the world today. As Filipa Meirelles of Samesame writes in this article, coliving operators have a responsibility in addressing such issues through the power of conscious coliving. Whether it’s enhancing community by helping build interpersonal connections, boosting local activities or working towards a more sustainable future, Samesame shows how these challenges can be overcome through coliving.” Check our article here.

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