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How to survive isolation in a co-living?

The quarantine has came. We call it creative co-rantine since it is the quarantine of our co-living lifestyle  – isolation within a creative community.

While we hope this will be over soon, let’s learn and grow with it.

First, let’s talk basics and then let’s talk creativity:

1 – How to physically survive in a co-living while needing to be socially distant?

2 – How to mentally survive isolation when we are into people – spoiler alert: through creativity

1 – Surviving in a co-living practicing social-distancing in 3 advices

Let’s stop for a second and remember that at first self-isolation can sound pretty nice. Staying in your cozy and beautiful samesame home, working in bed if wanted, doing a pause in your non-stop social life without the fear of missing out.

Eventually the fun becomes not has fun when you need to go to the shared areas inside samesame: the kitchen, the living room and the other open spaces with a lot (LOT) of shared surfaces – mugs, doors, you name it.

Advice 1: Stay in your room

To keep your game strong, stay as much as you can in your room – with your door closed. Remember that here you can bring your food inside, pick your song, control your climate (open the windows and ventilate as much possible) and use as many times as you need your private bathroom. That’s almost everything you need for survival. 

Advice 2: When you need to get out (only when necessary), do it in style.

In the kitchen: with the other co-livers (through whatsapp) try to define different slots  to use the kitchen. After cooking our eating, use the dishwasher for the plates and cutlery or wash with warm water with your own towel (asks us for one  if needed).

In the communal areas: no hanging out, please. Text the other co-livers and book the space for your private one-on-one  (you and you) masquerade parties (dress code: mask). If you find other co-livers, keep your distance (1-2 meters).

Going out: for the groceries our host will take care of whatever you need to buy, just write her through whatsapp. If you really need to take fresh air, bring your mask along.

Advice 3: Stopping the spread

To reduce any change of infection spread:

– Constantly wash your hand with soap or hand sanitiser when you have no option.

– Cover you mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Clean regularly the surfaces you touch often with appropriate cleaning products.

– Finally, if you have symptoms of any virus inform us so we can figure it out together. You will probably need to stay in your room all the time and we will make sure you have all you need (from food to whatever might ease your times in isolation).

2 – Surviving in a co-living through creativity in 3 advices

Advice 1: Pause, be strong and (re)focus

Take this time as an opportunity to pause. To breaking out or rethink the routine life has made you fall into. 

In our normal life we rarely take the time to stop with the fear of missing out. Now is the time to do it and become stronger so when the world goes back to its normal routine we are more than prepared for it. 

Take a creative tool and journal your days. Register (write, draw or whatever you want) what is your current life about, your past life. Think about how you would like to grow, release yourself from anything not letting you. 

Advice 2: Dream about the future

Remember when we were little and dreamt about what we wanted to become? 

The future is quite unpredictable, however now could be the time to dream about the potential future ahead of you and plan ahead on the different areas of your life:

who do you want to become?

who do you want to visit?

who do you want to meet?

where do you want to travel to?

where do you want to work?

how are your finances? 


List, map, draw the important areas of your life and think about them, get inspired and research the best options for you to build a better future. You are the one creating it!

Advice 3: Seek the new and give  yourself creative freedom, from the inside.

Before isolation, we were influenced by many factors that constrain what our daily views and actions are. To some of us, for example, on our way to work the bus window view is presented for 45 min – we have no other choice since we need to take that bus.

While at home, you can dedicate some of the time that is normally used for things presented to your eyes in favor of the things your will, eyes, ears and bugs feel like meeting.

Take this time to watch different movies, read books, listen to podcasts, daydream, draw with new materials, write with or without writing materials, create a one man show performance or concert, learn to cook, take any type of online classes, meet new people digitally, sleep on the “non-sleeping” hours of the day. The list goes on and on, you are the creator.

Check our instagram if you are running out of ideas: we have a bunch. Also, if you have great creative ideas, share them with us. With or without quarantine.

Summing up – surviving in isolation can be challenging. Thus, take it exactly as it presents itself: as a challenge. Take it as a challenge to create your life and do it cool.

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