Daily Sustainable steps that make a difference.

We believe we can make a difference on the present and future of our planet. Don’t you? Imagine if all of us were committed to do so – it would be powerful.

As individuals, the best we can do is to spread the word and do better day by day. That’s why we compiled 57 steps to help you, and remind us, on how to be more sustainable on a daily basis. These steps can easily become habits – like setting alarm clocks, getting up to work or taking our cell phone with us everyday. We are the ones creating or habits.

As a co-living, as since we believe in an eco-culture, based on values such as sharing, community, creativity, respect and sustainability, we have been working hard to substantially decrease our carbon footprint. We have been introducing many different structural and lifestyle changes, from  the products we use to the waste we produce. These changes apply to all apartments at SAMESAME, to our food and event space INSITU and both to our co-working spaces, BECO and ESQUINA. 

You can check our sustainability tab and our latest article on sustainability to see what we have commited to know more about our sustainable path and decisions we have implemented in our daily basis. Our mission is to reach beyond these short-term changes, we aim to find long-term solutions to become a fully self-sustainable project. 

By supporting our business, you are also supporting our vision, allowing us to bring it to fruition. We wish to be an example of (e)co-living, in the hopes of showing that it is possible to lead an entirely sustainable business and lifestyle in the 21st century.  

Now, let’s get into the tea? What can you do on a daily basis to be more sustainable and make a difference?

Saving energy, water and forests while being at home and doing your daily tasks:

1. Use as much natural light as possible.

2. Switch off appliances not being used and switch off devices by night.

3. Turn of lights when leaving rooms.

4. Open windows to allow a breeze instead of turning on the air conditioning.

5. Avoid turning on heater on cold (use more layers of clothes).

6. Hand wash clothes when you only have a few pieces to wash.

7. Hang clothes to dry instead of using a drier.

8. Dishwasher over hand washing in the kitchen.

9. Full washing machine and dishwasher.

10. Limit the use of hot water when hand washing dishes.

11. Take shorter showers, stop the water while applying products.

12. Take cold showers on hot days (and every other day if possible, its good for the skin).

13. Turn off tap when brushing your teeth.

14. Don’t leave the water running when cleaning your face.

15. Use cloths instead of paper towels.

16. Use recycled toilet and kitchen paper

Eating and drinking better to have a lower impact on Earth:

17. Reduce your consumption of meat and fish.

18. Eat more natural products from local farmers.

19. Choose seasonal ingredients. 

20. Don’t waste food, buy less and save leftovers.

21. Juice the off-cuts of your vegetables and fruits.

22. Make your own coffee instead of buying takeaway.

23. Drink from the tap, don’t buy bottled water.

Rethinking and reusing to save money and reduce waste:

24. Repurpose glass jars.

25. Use stainless steel drink bottles or plastic-free.

26. Use washable metal straws.

27. Reuse cold shower water (when preparing your hot shower) to use on toilet or to water plants.

28. Use reusable cotton pads for removing your makeup.

29. Transform old clothes into new pieces.

30. Repair clothes instead of buying new ones.

31. Take books from library instead of purchasing them directly

Being aware of your consumables, probably ending up on rivers and soil:

32. Read labels for harmful or toxic chemicals.

33. Use eco-friendly cleaning-products.

34. Use eco-frienfly beauty products (make your own!).

35. Consider using shampoo bars to reduce packaging.

36. Recycle to reduce need of raw materials.

37. Stop accepting disposable cutlery and napkins.

Shopping consciously to reduce pollution and unnecessary use of raw materials:

38. Think twice before shopping. Do you really need it?

39. Pay attention to labels.

40. Shop local or fair-trade.

41. Buy unpacked / with no plastic-wrap items.

42. Take vegetables and fruits from the season.

43. Look for items made from sustainable materials.

44. Buy 2nd hand, from charity shops or ethical and sustainable brands.

45. Pick quality clothing items that last longer.

46. Don’t ask for plastic bags when shopping, take your own bags.

Moving around in the greenest way possible:

47. Walk or ride a bike / skate instead of using a car.

48. If walking or driving is not an option, take public transportation.

49. When having to use a car, try commuting.

50. If you really want a car, buy an electric one.

51. Reduce the times you fly – privilege train or car trips instead.

52. Take the stairs over the elevator.

Giving and communicate sustainably:

53. Donate to charity and others what you no longer need.

54. Offer experiences, compostable items or digital gifts, instead of material things.

55. Use digital materials rather than paper to be notified or engage in conversations.

56. Ask questions when buying.

57. Use your word to share a more sustainable way of living.

Was this helpful for you to be greener everyday?

If you have more ideas on how to be sustainable, we would be thrilled to hear about them! Send us a comment, an e-mail or a DM on IG with your input.

Let’s do this together!

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