How to make your room feel yours in a co-living?

The co-living lifestyle is set on the idea of sharing – however, as humans, we also need our private time to fully enjoy our time together. That’s why, at samesame, every co-liver has its own room and bathroom. 

In a co-living, your room is where you can express your identity by adding details reflecting your personality. As a matter of fact, details make us who we are: from the way we cut our hair, the music we listen to, to the life path we chose to follow – and the place we sleep is certainly an extension of who we are. 

We want to make your room feel 100% yours – by compiling a list of ideas that, adjusted to your personality and preferences, will make you feel at home.

For our recommendations, we suggest specific products from portuguese brands that you can buy from. Remember how important it is to support and shop local. 🙂

What you need to think about to make the room feel yours:

1. The atmosphere

The atmosphere we sleep in is very much responsible for how rested we are. It changes our mood, influences our productivity and our thoughts. It has been proved by science that changing little habits and details has a direct impact on the way we feel. So, maybe it is time to add your touch to the room’s deco!

Our suggestions: 

– Always have a notebook to write your thoughts – check inusitado designs notebooks taking sustainablity into account.

– Decorate naturally with the flowers showcase by Flo  or plants by curae Buy some prints from Lusco Fusco and put them on the wall, or do it yourself!

– Add some funky candles by Feike store.

2. The smell

Smell influences the way we feel. Like our personality, it is part of our emotional side of the brain. Think about adding fresh or dryed flowers, scented candles or sachets, air freshener sticks or any other element changing the aroma of your room to your taste.

Our suggestions: 

– Add some scented candles and air freshners by Castelbel to the room

– Get Plume’s perfumed sachets to put between on your drawers

3. The music

Music is many things: a way to travel, a way to go back to somewhere we have been before or a reflection of our state of mind.Take your headphones, earpods or speakers (always having in mind your neighbors co-livers, of course) and listen to your music playlists or the spotify playlists curated by samesame.

4. The readings

We suggest you to buy books and magazines curated by under the cover, a contemporary bookshop based in Lisbon, offering a wide range of international magazines, journals, books and artworks that were carefully chosen to inspire the modern reader.

The store covers all kind of topics, from art, fashion, photography, food, traveling, architecture, culture and society, to design, literature and music. 
Our favourite Magazines:

– Apartamento

– Courier – How to Start a Business 2021

– Monocle

– Kinfolk

– I-D

Our favourite Books:

Flow Inspiring Women

Lost in Lisbon

5. The comfort

Isn’t it the most important thing? Having something to bite, some nice and comfy clothes, nice slippers to walk around and a good support for the pc when working or watching a series! Our suggestions to get:

– Comfortable wear by Majatu Studio 

– A pair of nice slippersby Burel Factory

– A Bed support for pc by Ikea (let’s make this a bed office matter!) 

– Food is never enough right? Have some munchies ready to eat on your bed – buy downstairs or order from the apps uber eats, bolt food or glovo.

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