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On a sustainable path to the Future

“We need to rediscover how to be sustainable. To move from being apart from nature, to becoming a part of nature once again” 

Sir David Attenborough, A Life on our Planet 

Our world has been changing incredibly fast in the last decades. Present generations have witnessed an exponential advance in technology that’s fueled our digital lives, globalization and the access to information. Medicine and scientific advances have allowed our life expectancy to grow remarkably. Economic growth, social development and human rights have allowed some of us to be blessed with unimaginable opportunities. 

Yet, our fast-paced and disposable lifestyles have had grave consequences that begin to threaten life itself: the human species has been responsible for the planet’s declining health. We are currently living in an environmental crisis that is expected to get worse by the hour if we don’t take action. 

Therefore, it’s more important than ever to adapt our ways to help curb the effects of climate change as well as waste. This way, we can help the planet restore its delicate balance, preventing ecosystems from being devastated and saving many species from extinction – including our own. 

Samesame believes in an eco-culture, based on values such as sharing, community, creativity, respect, and sustainability. For these reasons, we could not turn a blind eye to what is currently happening in the natural world around us. We are committed to reversing this existential and planetary crisis, by finding sustainable and long-term solutions. 

We have been working hard to substantially decrease our carbon footprint, by introducing many different structural and lifestyle changes, such as the products we use, to the waste we produce. These changes apply to all apartments at SAMESAME, our food and event space INSITU and both our co-working spaces, BECO and ESQUINA. 

Below, are some of the improved short-term habits we are happy to share with you: 

– We supply co-livers and all other spaces with sustainable and biodegradable hand wash and dish soaps. We also refill these empty detergent and soap packages, thus avoiding plastic waste. Solid package free product alternatives are also possible by request;

– All new kitchen tools are sustainable and/or biodegradable. Older, previously existing tools are reused and kept;

– We supply co-livers and all other spaces with recycled, plastic package free toilet paper, paper towels and napkins, as well as recycled/biodegradable waste bags;

– Mostly all waste is recycled, composted or reused. We have partnered with circular economy initiatives that help us reuse some of our waste such as wine corks and glass bottles, for example;

– Plastic waste is kept to a minimum and recycled;Organic waste is used for composting that in turn will help us grow our own produce;

– All our lights are energy efficient;

– All our taps have been adapted to have a lower water pressure, in order to reduce water waste;

– We’ve partnered with an eco-sustainable and plastic-free laundry service company for our bed and bath linen weekly wash;

– Our cleaning services use sustainable, biodegradable and refillable cleaning products that minimize plastic waste and pollution; 

– We openly communicate with co-livers about the impact of our choices and encourage the use of plastic-free products such as solid shampoo, solid shower gel, solid deodorant; bamboo toothbrushes, etc. The same goes for fashion, mobility and groceries;

– We are creating a green city map with a list of recommended sustainable brands, initiatives and shops available for anyone looking into these options; –

– Posters are available in all spaces and apartments with important information in regards to recycling, composting, package refilling and saving water and energy;

– All produce and products served at INSITU are seasonal and organic, as well as mostly plastic-free. We search consciously to ensure most of them are locally sourced, and that all imported products are ethically sourced, such as spices, tea, coffee and cocoa;

– We are working to soon open our own sustainable and organic grocery shop, located at samesame entrance. Here we will apply the same principles of sustainably, ethically and locally sourced, low-packaged goods.

– We have available a range of homemade fermented food and drinks, such as kimchi and kombucha. Fermentation isn’t only healthy for our gut but also allows us to sustainably store seasonal ingredients throughout the year without the use of energy;

– We encourage a plant-based diet by reducing our meat and dairy consumption at INSITU. An increase of plant-based meals would drastically minimize the earth’s carbon footprint. Nonetheless, when served, all meat, fish and dairy are sustainably and locally sourced. 

– Soon, we will host events focused on sustainability that engage both co-livers and the public. Some ideas we are about to manifest are organized beach cleanups, Lisbon bicycle city tours, hikes with outdoor yoga, meditation and workout sessions, sustainable agriculture workshops, natural candle making workshops, among many other ideas.

– At INSITU, we plan on hosting unique dinners with special guests who will present sustainability related themes, in order to foster inspiration, learning and dialogue within our community.

If you’d like to take some of these ideas and adapt them to your own lifestyle, contact us so we can share all the information with you!

A part of the daily accommodation price at SAMESAME goes directly towards the purchase of sustainable goods and services – specifically 1 euro a day per person. That same 1 euro a day not only provides us with the financial possibility of choosing greener options, it allows us to invest in a much greener future as well. 

Author: Maria Branco (samesame’s yoga teacher)

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